5 England Captains

5 New England Captain Replacements

Another World Cup failure down, how many more to go? But who will lead England into the next European Championship and beyond? It takes nerves of steel and blood of ice to be England captain, the focus of all the attention on the pitch. The job is a poisoned chalice, meaning you’re first under the microphone…

Mathieu Signs for Barca

Barca sign Mathieu. A good or bad deal?

After several weeks of negotiations a €20M deal between Barcelona and Valencia has this morning been agreed for the services of Jeremy Mathieu. However, there is a clear divide in opinion in the footballing world over the Mathieu deal. The Plus Side  On one side of the argument, Barcelona are getting their hands on a…

El clásico Messi scoring a goal

El Clasico, getting even better

No doubt have the El Clasico meetings been some of the best matches in the football calendar in recent years, but there is even more spice for the upcoming season. FC Barcelona have had a change not only in management but in there players too, similar to the situation at Old Trafford. Heading west from…

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